Trees For Tanzania

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Alleviating Poverty through Forestry

The Problem

High population pressure has caused widespread and severe deforestation in Kigoma, the poorest of 20 regions in Tanzania. Deforestation has led to serious detrimental impacts, most notably the lack of wood for construction and fuel, loss of modest incomes through the selling of sticks for firewood, and perhaps most devastating, lack of fuelwood to boil unpotable water in order to remove bacteria and waterborne diseases.

The Response

Trees for Tanzania is committed to help ease the burden caused by deforestation. This will be done through a combination of education and hands-on training, distribution of free, plantation grown firewood, beautification and forestry projects on municipal lands, creating income producing businesses, and establishing best practices for plantation forestry specific to the geographic and climatic environment of Kigoma.

The Opportunity

The poorest of the poor in the Kigoma region of Tanzania urgently need your help to establish sustainable sources of firewood and other tree based products. You can help directly and ensure a better future for the people of Kigoma by supporting Trees for Tanzania with your donation.